Episode 100— June 6th, 2022

Centennial Retrospective

Overview of a Self-Indulgent Episode
"Pack 1, Pick 1" (The Whitemane Lion Tier List)
Episode 5: The Problem with 5 Color Good Stuff
Episode 17: How and Why to Build a Cube
Episode 24: Setting the Tempo
Episode 31: Bread and Butter Breakdown
Episode 39: A Flat Power Level
Episode 41: Cube is Not a Monolith
Episode 48: Playing to Win: Evaluating New Cubes and 58: A Cube Player’s Guide to Manabases
Episode 71: The Use and Abuse of Archetype Driven Design
Episode 90 and 91, aka the Ballad of Rock, Paper, Scissors
Stuff Andy has been wrong about
Why haven’t we started a Patreon?

On the milestone, 100th episode, Andy and Anthony reflect on important episodes and things they’ve learned in the last two years of Lucky Paper Radio.

Discussed in this episode:

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