Episode 104— July 4th, 2022

Deciding Which Cards to Cut from Your Cube

Pack 1, Pick 1
Don’t take cuts too seriously
Avoid like-for-like cut mentality
Ask yourself — do you actually NEED to make a cut?
Don’t only cut the “bad” cards
Make cuts based on your overarching goals
Cut known quantity cards to maximize information gleaned from play testing
Cut power outliers to activate lower powered cards in your cube
Walking down cut memory lane

Most Cubes are ever-changing, with a constant stream of cards being added as new sets are released and the designer’s sensibilities evolve over time. There is a dark side to the joyous, Christmas-morning feeling of putting new cards in one’s cube, though: making cuts. On this episode, Andy and Anthony talk about how to find cuts from a cube, tackle some common pitfalls newer designers often fall into when removing cards from a Cube list, explore high-level theory around Cube curation, and take a walk down memory lane, defending some of their more contentious cuts from their own environments.

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 this week comes from wowitsarlo’s Fair ‘Nuff Cube. Thanks, Arlo!

Discussed in this episode:

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