Episode 107— July 25th, 2022

How Many Lands Should you Include in Your Cube?

Pack 1, Pick 1
Where does the current average number of lands in Cubes come from?
Precedent set by retail limited
Precedent set by constructed
Precedent set by Frank Karsten
How many lands is too many lands?
Design considerations on land density.
What about five color good stuff?
Concluding thoughts

Andy and Anthony talk about how many lands to run in a Cube. While Cube design is subjective and largely a matter of taste, our hosts discuss things we can objectively measure about the proportion of lands included in a Cube, and precedent from other Magic formats. Andy breaks down data from Cube Cobra from his new article on the same subject about how Cubes are generally constructed.

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 this week comes from The Strictly Worse Cube

Discussed in this episode:

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