Episode 111— August 22nd, 2022

The Texture of Removal

Listener Submitted Pack 1, Pick 1
Main topic
Unconditional Removal
Removal with Downside
Removal with Additional Costs
Removal that Can Be Undone
Soft Removal
Conditional Removal: Scale of Threat
Conditional Removal: Other Card Attributes
Conditional Removal: Board State Dependent
Our Overall Approaches to Removal in Our Cubes
Timing and Efficiency of Removal
Quantity vs. Quality: Which Matters More, Number of Targets or Quality of Targets

Having discussed the impact of different densities of removal ad nauseam, Andy and Anthony turn their attention to the different types of removal spells and how they play differently. They examine the costs of playing too much unconditional removal, wax poetic on their love of “small” removal spells like Portable Hole and Disfigure, and discuss how given two removal spells with equal costs, sometimes the one that hits fewer targets is actually better. They recorded this episode before Cut Down was spoiled from Dominaria United otherwise you bet they’d be talking about it.

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 this week comes from Iain’s Vintage Cube.

Discussed in this episode:

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