Episode 112— August 29th, 2022

Cube as a Personal History with Dom Harvey

Pack 1, Pick 1 from Dom’s Cube
Dom’s Background in Constructed Magic
Dom’s Introduction to Cube
Cube as a Personal History
Dom’s Approach to Designing Cubes
Can Competitive Constructed Magic Inform Cube
Combo in Cube
Three Time SCG Open Champion Dom Harvey DESTROYS a Casual Cube Designer

Andy and Anthony are joined by competitive grinder, latent Cube content creator, and actually good Magic player Dom Harvey to talk about his relationship with the game. Together, they discuss Dom’s storied competitive career, the early days of Cube, how a Cube can serve as a document of your personal history with Magic, whether or not experience with constructed Magic can inform playing and designing Cubes, and how to think about combo as a strategy.

This week’s pack 1, pick 1 is from Dom’s Cube — a Legacy style Cube with a few novel twists.

Discussed in this episode:

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