Episode 118— October 10th, 2022

Turbo Cube Draft Primer

Overview of the Turbo Cube
Detailed Rules Interactions
Cards Most Impacted by the Rules Change
Draft Format
Individual Cards: “Turbo Power”
Individual Cards: Contentious S-Tier
Individual Cards: Barely Sub “Turbo Power” A-Tier
Individual Cards: Anything For Free
Drafting the Turbo Cube “Archetypes”
Interaction in the Turbo Cube
Under and Over Performers
Void Mirror Corner

Andy and Anthony talk about how they approach drafting Anthony’s novel Turbo Cube where all spells and activated abilities cost {2} less. The Cube will be featured at the inaugural Cube Con. Our hosts talk about the themes and individual cards that define the format. They talk about the ramification of the rules modification and what to look out for when approaching the format.

Discussed in this episode:

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