Episode 119— October 17th, 2022

How to Use Scryfall: Improving Your Decks, Improving Your Cubes, Improving Your Life

Introduction to Topic
Listener Submitted Pack 1, Pick 1
Why is being able to search for cards important?
What exactly is Scryfall?
Combining Multiple Terms for Powerful Searching
Searching the Textbox
Getting the Most Out of the Sort Options
Leveling Up with Regular Expressions
The Boys Steal a Bit from a Better Podcast

Andy and Anthony talk about a fundamental component of playing Magic, exploring and finding new cards. They talk about their goals and process for finding new cards and talk about leveraging Scryfall’s powerful search features to make this critical component a breeze. They even touch on some of the advanced features that can save you from missing potential pieces. Check out Anthony’s articles on using Scryfall’s search syntax and advanced searches with Regular Expressions for the details on the topics they cover.

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 and 2 this week comes from Robbie’s Supreme Commander Cube where every pack comes with two picks!

Discussed in this episode:

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