Episode 125— November 28th, 2022

How to Test Your Cube

Introduction to Topic
What do we mean by “testing”?
Testing methods when drafting with a full pod
Testing by drafting with smaller groups
Testing by drafting against yourself
Testing by drafting online with others
Testing by playing online
Testing by simulating solo drafts
Testing by constructing decks from your cube list or playing sealed
Testing by thinking really hard about your cube
Common pitfalls of looking at your cube quantitatively

Many cube designers, Andy and Anthony included, have way more time an energy to put into their Cubes than the rest of their playgroup. Given that designers do spend so much more time thinking about and tinkering with their lists than playing them, how do you set up a feedback loop so you can effectively test your Cube? What are the compromises of testing in different ways? What information should you listen to and what should you ignore? How much trust can you actually put into bot drafts?

Discussed in this episode:

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