Episode 133— January 23rd, 2023

The Common Pitfalls of First-Time Cube Designers

Regular Cube Draft Recap
Common Pitfalls of New Cube Designers
Mistake Number 1: Including Too Few Lands
Mistake Number 2: Having Too High a Mana Curve
Mistake Number 3: Not Including Enough Interaction
Mistake Number 4: Including Too Many Gold Cards
Summary of Mistakes: Focusing on Cards Instead of Decks
Mistake Number 5: Overshadowing Synergies with Power Outliers
Mistake Number 6: Rigidly Adhering to Two-Color Archetypes
Mistake Number 7: Underestimating the Cost of Rules Modifications

Andy and Anthony talk about common pitfalls new Cube designers fall into. There’s no right way to build a Cube, but new designers very often fall into similar patterns and a few pieces of feedback consistently come up.

  • Play more mana fixing lands
  • Lower the average mana cost of cards
  • Increase the amount of interactive spells
  • Lower the number of multi-color cards
  • Don’t let power outliers outshine the fun
  • Don’t feel obligated to adhere to 10 themes for each two color pair
  • Be aware of the high cost of rules modifications

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 this week comes from Garrett Townsend’s Frozen Solid Cube.

Discussed in this episode:

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