Cards Mentioned in Lucky Paper Radio Episode 136: Phyrexia: All Will Be One Cube Additions

Graceful Restoration

Anthony's Regular Cube

Drown in Ichor
Whisper of the Dross
Basilica Skullbomb
Surgical Skullbomb
Dross Skullbomb
Furnace Skullbomb
Maze Skullbomb
Fungal Infection
Lava Coil
Volt Charge
Winding Constrictor
Tyvar's Stand
Blossoming Defense
Wren's Run Hydra
Blazing Crescendo
Fists of Flame
Feather, the Redeemed
Illuminator Virtuoso
Borrowed Hostility
Young Pyromancer
Sawblade Scamp
Malcator, Purity Overseer
Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage
Whitemane Lion
Restoration Angel

Anthony's Turbo Cube

Blade of Shared Souls
Mirage Mirror
Monastery Mentor
Devilish Valet
Tireless Tracker
Slobad, Iron Goblin
Ichor Wellspring
Scrap Welder
Myr Retriever
Retrofitter Foundry

Anthony's New Untitled Cube Project

Blade of Shared Souls
Unctus, Grand Metatect
Yoked Ox
Foot Soldiers
Infested Fleshcutter
Malcator, Purity Overseer
Precursor Golem
Mandible Justiciar
Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
Klothys, God of Destiny
Barbed Batterfist

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Blade of Shared Souls — Volkan Baǵa