Episode 139— March 6th, 2023

A Weeklong Game of Chicken with Justin Parnell

Rotisserie Draft Background
What is a Rotisserie Draft?
Anthony's Draft Rundown
Andy's Draft Rundown
Justin's Draft Rundown
Reflections on the Draft from a Design Perspective
Justin's Takes Since the 540

Andy and Anthony are joined by Justin Parnell to talk about their recent rotisserie draft. 10 players drafted Anthony’s Regular Cube in the weeks leading up to Magic Con Philadelphia. Over the course of the weekend players competed in a nail-biting round robin style tournament. The boys talk about their decks, their strategies going into the draft, and how rotisserie drafting compares to typical booster drafting.

Over the weekend our hosts along with Justin, Parker, and Gwen Dekker hed a panel on Cube, it’s history and future. Watch a recording of the panel .

Discussed in this episode:

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