Episode 142— March 27th, 2023

Pulp Nouveau and Drafting Your Basics with Parker LaMascus

Overview of the Pulp Nouveau Cube
What Parker Likes About Having to Draft Your Lands
Practical Details of the Pulp Nouveau Cube
The Inclusion of the Street Fighter Cards
Card Complexity Corner
Design Level Up: Threats that Require Investment
Pack 1, Pick 1 from the Pulp Nouveau Cube

Parker joins Andy and Anthony, in studio, to talk about about his latest cube project: Pulp Nouveau. In this dark, gritty, flavor-forward environment the only freely available basic lands are swamps. In order to play other colors, players need to draft from the limited number of basic and dual lands in the draft. They the creative process of cube design and how disparate interests can suddenly coalesce. In this case, Parker’s interest in the dark aesthetic of Streets of New Capenna, among other things, came together with the mechanical structure of a desert cube with a twist.

They end the episode with a pack 1, pick 1 the cube in question.

Discussed in this episode:

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