Episode 143— April 3rd, 2023

Big and Small Games with Sam Black

Sam Plays Magic So Good He Wins a Car
The Definition of Big and Small Games
The Player Perspective on Big and Small Games
What Playing With and Against Jace Beleren Teaches you About Magic
The Designer Perspective on Big and Small Games
Sam’s History with Casual Magic
Big and Small Games in The Regular Cube
Diminishing Margins of Different Effects

Andy and Anthony are joined by Sam Black, contender for person who has played the most paper Magic ever. They discuss the concept of “big” and “small” games of Magic Sam presented in his article Elvish Visionary VS Elderfang Disciple: The Nature Of Card Advantage. They cover the nuanced nature of card advantage, how all forms are not equal, and how different strategies aim to push games toward being big or small to maximize their cards.

Discussed in this episode:

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Elvish Visionary — D. Alexander Gregory