Episode 146— April 24th, 2023

Big and Small Games Revisited

Review of big and small game theory
The application of big and small game theory as a player
The connection between mana cost and deck size
Game size as a cube designer
Spreadsheet deep dive on the Bun Magic and Regular Cube’s Size
So did we learn anything!?
On Nissa, Who Shakes the World and other notable cards
Card advantage as the absolute value of game size

View the game size breakdowns for the Bun Magic Cube and Regular Cube. You can also copy this template and fill it out to calculate your own cube’s game size!

Andy and Anthony follow up on their recent discussion with Sam Black on ‘big’ and ‘small’ games of Magic. Sam coined these term in an article he wrote describing a nuanced understanding of card advantage including how effects create, or benefit from, high and low resource games. Our hosts expand on the topic and respond to feedback from the community on the subject. Andy breaks down his Bun Magic Cube and Anthony’s Regular Cube, categorizing each card based on the number of pieces they add or remove from play, and they compare the numerical analysis to their experience playing these environments.

Discussed in this episode:

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