Episode 151— May 29th, 2023

Xerox Theory and You

Introduction to Topic
What is Xerox Theory at its core?
What is a cantrip?
The baseline of Xerox cantrips and the case for Reach Through Mists
The sometimes unstated context to make Xerox Theory work
The power of a smaller deck
Going beyond “UB Trippin’” — the ramifications of cantrips on the tempo of reactive decks
Modern Xerox “Payoffs”
Review, conclusions, and abstraction
Gunk Slug Corner

Andy and Anthony talk about “Xerox Theory” a strategic Magic concept involving cantrips, land count, a balance of resources. Andy explains the history and origins of the idea, as documented by Mike Flores’s 2005 article. They talk about how the concept applies differently in early and contemporary Magic and how it’s relevant, or not, to different types of decks. They also talk about Gunk Slug for some reason.

Discussed in this episode:

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