Episode 152— June 5th, 2023

The Risks and Rewards of Custom Rules in Cube

Dumpling Corner
Introduction to Topic
The inaccessibility of custom rules
The comparative costs of different kinds of rules modifications
Why it feels uniquely bad to lose to a custom rule
Successful examples of Cubes with custom rules
Some Custom Cube Pack 1, Pick 1s
Channel Cube P1-P1
Infinity Cube P1-P1

Andy and Anthony talk about custom rules in Cubes. Cube is a unique Magic space where designers truly have full control over the game and can change it however they like. Beyond just choosing the cards they include, designers change the game fundamental with plane-like effects. Our hosts discuss the very substantial risks of custom rules to accessibility and even fun for enfranchised players. They talk about some of the rules they’ve experienced that didn’t work so well, and the successful ones, which tend to create an experience built around the changes that get players to buy into the novel experience.

They end the episode with two pack 1, pick 1’s from two custom-rules Cubes and do their best to asses cards in two subtly, but importantly different environments. First up, Dragonm137’s Channel Cube where players can spend life to generate colorless mana, a la the card Channel. And secondly Crvnch’s Infinity Cube where players have access to free colorless mana without the high cost of life.

Discussed in this episode:

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