Episode 153— June 12th, 2023

In Defense of Forcing: How to Draft Cube Successfully with Ryan Saxe

Overview of Ryan’s Concept of Forcing
How much easier is forcing in cube than retail limited?
Do the best players always force in Cube drafts?
Is meta knowledge a prerequisite for Ryan’s ‘forcing’ technique?
What can be assumed about a ‘meta’ consisting of unknown opponents and a first-time draft of a Cube?
Applying Ryan’s approach to The Regular Cube
Reconciling the desire for balance as a cube designer with exploiting imbalance as a player
Can you track your improvement as a player if you’re always drafting exploratorily instead of exploitatively?
How will Ryan prepare people to draft his buildaround cube at Cube Con

Andy and Anthony are joined once again by the legendary Ryan Saxe to talk about his approach to drafting and how he applies that to Cube. Building off the approach Ryan describes in an episode of Limited Level Ups they discuss about how and when it makes sense to ‘force’ a draft and focus on optimal outcomes over investing in reading the table.

Discussed in this episode:

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