Cards Mentioned in Lucky Paper Radio Episode 163: Draft Matters

Thelonite Hermit
Mind Twist
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Deceiver Exarch
Village Bell-Ringer
Zealous Conscripts
Isochron Scepter
Cogwork Librarian
Splinter Twin
Secret Summoning
Foundry Inspector
Chief of the Foundry
Thrumming Stone
Leovold's Operative
Agent of Acquisitions
Archdemon of Paliano
Canal Dredger
Savannah Lions
Lore Seeker
Booster Tutor
Contract from Below
Deal Broker
Lightning Bolt
Arcane Savant
Volatile Chimera
Cruel Ultimatum
Ghostly Flicker
Garbage Fire
Open Fire
Paliano, the High City
Sovereign's Realm

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Cogwork Librarian — Dan Scott