Episode 26— December 21st, 2020

Tribal Synergies and Parasitism

Pack 1 Pick 1 from Bastian’s GöCube 1.2
Why Tribal Synergies are Cool
Tribal Synergies in a Draft Environment
Do Tribal Synergies Lead to Drafting on Rails?
Parasitic Mechanics
Self-contained Tribal Cards
Closing Thoughts and Favorite Tribes

In a decidedly not-so-special holiday episode, Andy and Anthony are talking about tribal synergies in Cube and announce their first formalized rivalry. They do a pack 1, pick 1 from listener Bastian’s GöCube 1.2 and get real sad about how rude people on the internet have tried to convince him that tribal synergies are “bad for Cube”. Anthony sets the table with an open-faced compliment sandwich about tribal effects, and our two hosts go deep discussing what constitutes a synergy deck, what parasitism is, how some decks are primarily internally focused and others are more fundamentally interactive, their respective tolerance for blowouts, different kinds of variance, and their favorite tribes in Magic. It’s not Kobolds.

Discussed on this episode:

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Musical production by DJ James Nasty.

Thank you to Tahlofor annotating this episode!

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