Episode 27— December 28th, 2020

Listener Submitted Chaos Supreme

Pack 1 Pick 1 From Jason's 600 Card Unpowered Vintage Cube
Pack 1 Pick 1 From Sir Magic Toast's Pauper Cube
Pack 1 Pick 1 From Brimlock's "Fair" 360 Card Vintage Cube
Pack 1 Pick 1 From Dave, A.K.A. "Guaplord"'s High-Powered Cube for His Inexperienced Playgroup
Pack 1 Pick 1 From Joe, A.K.A. "Phene"'s Peasant Cube

In a year-end extravaganza, Andy and Anthony dedicate an entire episode to doing pack 1, pick 1s from listener submitted cubes. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? We don’t know, but you should tell us what you think!

Listener cubes discussed in this episode:

You can find the hosts’ Cubes on Cube Cobra:

If you have a question for the show, or want us to do a pack 1, pick 1 from your cube, email us at [email protected]. Please include how you’d like to be credited on air, your pronouns, and if you’re submitting a cube for the pack 1, pick 1, a link to said cube.

Musical production by DJ James Nasty.

Thank you to donald_k_magicfor annotating this episode!

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