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Episode 40 March 29th, 2021

More Mana, Faster Mana

Listener Submitted Pack One, Pick One
Adding More Lands to a Cube
Fast Mana in a Fair Environment

This week, Andy and Anthony discuss changes to Andy’s Bun Magic Cube, updated to include a dramatic increase in the number of mana fixing lands and filling out a suite of fast mana. Our hosts discuss how this level of mana fixing changes a draft, and what questions they’re asking themselves to try to recalibrate expectations when drafting the shifted environment. Andy argues increasing the amount of ‘broken’ fast mana decreases variance, creating a more fun draft environment. And Anthony, uncharacteristically, defends a six drop that isn’t Colossal Dreadmaw.

We take a pack 1, pick 1 from listener John’s 360 Card Cube for 2. In the spirit of the cube, we open a grid draft pack and try to maximize the best three cards from a pack of 9.

You can find the hosts’ Cubes on Cube Cobra:

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