Episode 47— May 17th, 2021

Irregular Cube: Rarity in Custom Draft Formats

Pack 1, Pick 1
Capturing the Thrill and Novelty of Rarity
Playtesting First Impressions
The Impact of Conspiracies

Andy and Anthony discuss Anthony’s newest cube project, Irregular Cube. Like his primary cube it’s a lower power environment with a variety of overlapping archetypes, but it also has a novel structure: a main set and a second list of ‘rare’ cards, largely composed of higher powered cards with a healthy helping of build-arounds. They talk about the many opportunities rarity offers, challenges it imposes, and what they’ve learned from initial playtesting.

To kick off the conversation, our pack 1, pick 1 comes from the cube in question.

Discussed in this episode:

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Musical production by DJ James Nasty.

Thank you to Tahlofor annotating this episode!

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