Episode 49— May 31st, 2021

Hope Tender & Devoted Druid & Ragavan & Laelia

The pros and cons of an 8 person team draft
Hope Tender and Devoted Druid — build around enablers vs build around payoffs
listener submitted pack 1, pick 1
Ragavan and the differences between really pushed one drops and really pushed cards at higher mana values
Pedantry department: Sword of Hearth and Home

On this episode, Andy and Anthony are discussing a recent draft of Anthony’s “Regular” Cube, in which Anthony made a stupid amount of mana with Hope Tender, making Andy question all of the decisions he made in his life that led to that moment. This dovetails into a conversation about the nuanced differences in what Anthony and Andy value about Magic and how they capture that in their respective cubes. What is the difference between having conditional cards as enablers vs having conditional cards as payoffs? What is the difference between having a power outlier 1 mana value card vs a power outlier 3 mana value card? Is there any kind of proactive deck that can beat two 3/2s for 3 generic mana? On Sword of Hearth and Home, which color is “Hearth” and which color is “Home”?

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 this week comes from listener Simon’s Cubus Color Correctus. Thanks, Simon!

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Thank you to Tahlofor annotating this episode!

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