Episode 50 June 7th, 2021

Midrange Matchups with Parker LaMascus

Introduction to Parker’s Cube
High fixing density, it’s effects and player expectations
What does it mean for a cube to be ‘hard to draft’?
Playtesting observations and notes
Synthesizing our draft experiences
Highs and lows drafting Mordor’s Cube
Pack 1, pick 1 from Parker’s Cube

Our Modern Horizons 2 Cube survey is open! Please take a few minutes to let us know what you’re testing in your cube from the new set.

Cube enthusiast and Lucky Paper contributor Parker LaMascus joins Andy and Anthony to talk about his own cube and their experience with his midrange focused environment. They discuss a draft of the cube, reflecting on how Parker’s design goals translate to individual card choices, breaks in the tradition cube structure, and how these choices manifest in gameplay.

Parker elaborates on his goals to remove the rock-paper-scissors nature of the traditional aggro, midrange, and control archetypes to create a skill-testing environment emphasizing player abilities and careful decision making.

They finish the episode with a pack 1, pick 1 from Parker’s Cube where they apply what they learned from the draft and our conversation to drafting.

Discussed in this episode:

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