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Episode 58 August 2nd, 2021

The Cube Player’s Guide to Manabases

Turbo Cube full draft review
Main topic preview
Listener submitted pack 1, pick 1
The pros and cons of lairs
Beginning of main topic: How highly should you draft lands?
How many lands should you put in your deck?
What counts as a mana source?
How many mana sources do you need to cast your spells reliably?
Tying it all together: building your manabase at the draft table
An addendum on four and five color manabases

Cube presents unique drafting a deckbuilding challenges when it comes to manabases. Retail limited is our only benchmark for drafting, but non-basic lands are so few and far-between that they don’t have a meaningful impact on most drafts. In cube, however, we don’t have to settle for 9-8 manabases of basics only, but how do you navigate mana successfully in a cube draft?

In this episode, Andy and Anthony put their cube designer hat aside and go deep on lands from the perspective of players. How highly should you take non-basic lands when drafting? How many lands should you put in your deck? What counts as a mana source? How many sources do you need to cast your spells reliably? What kinds of cards should you splash and how do you manage a splash successfully? What about four and five color decks?

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 this week comes from listener Tristan. Thanks, Tristan!

Discussed in this episode:

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