Episode 61— August 23rd, 2021

Live from Cube Weekend ‘21

Why is Lion's Eye Diamond in the Degenerate Micro Cube?
The gang is surprised by Daniel's off-color draft of Parker's Midrange Cube
Alex's Pauper Cube: Is Mutagenic Growth too strong?
Andy's satisfying draft of the Bun Magic Cube
James' Breya Cube, and overly complex four person drafts
Tapped Titans in Andy's Degenerate Micro Cube
Anthony's Mono Black Cube, and solving the Mimic Vat problem
Should Delver of Secrets go in the Bun Magic cube?

This is a special, ‘live’ episode of Lucky Paper Radio. The audio quality is not to our normal standards — if you’ve never heard the show before we do not recommend starting with this one!

Andy and Anthony decompress with the draft crew in the middle of a long weekend of many, many cube drafts, sharing the greatest and saltiest moments in a rare, unfiltered episode of Lucky Paper Radio.

Our cube weekend featured:

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Musical production by DJ James Nasty.

Thank you to Tahlofor annotating this episode!

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