Episode 68— October 11th, 2021

Mark Rosewater is My Personal Design Intern with Jason Waddell

Magic burnout
The lifecycle of cube updates
The misguided pursuit of perfection
Magic cards are arbitrary
The complicated architecture of Jason’s cube
Why a “strict upgrade” is not necessarily an upgrade
The “Party Pace” of Magic and the Riptide Lab Origin story
Cube is always fun, except for when it’s not
Heartstone Tavern brawl
What we can learn about cube from Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
The mana system is fun, actually
Why don’t Andy and Anthony play Slay the spire?
Has 17Lands ruined limited and do we associate too much of our identity with our hobbies?
What cube design assumptions should be thrown out?
Two-player draft formats

Andy and Anthony talk with Jason Waddell about Cube, game design, and the emotional complications of Magic as a hobby. Jason shares his experience with the ups and downs in his relationship with the game.

Follow along with the card image gallery.

Discussed in this episode:

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