Episode 77— December 20th, 2021

Inaugural Draft of the Irregular Cube

Introduction to the Irregular Cube
Pack 1, Pick 1
Draft recap: Andy’s deck and setting expectations with the group
Is Sprout Swarm fun? Is it too good?
Draft recap: Anthony’s deck and the relativity of powerful cards
The benefits of variance
The pleasantly surprising underperformance of 5 color goodstuff
The role of combos and draft diversity in the Irregular Cube
How Magic history limits new card design
Bun Magic Cube: Brags and Bad Beats
Recipe corner

Andy and Anthony talk about recent drafts of the Irregular Cube, Anthony’s newest Cube which features ‘rare’ cards, and Andy’s Bun Magic Cube. They review their own drafts, what was working, what was problematic, and how the rare cards influenced the experience. They hypothesize reasons why the draft was not universally enjoyed and how the environment might be changed to improve the experience and better set expectations.

They start things off with a pack 1, pick 1 from the Irregular Cube.

Discussed in this episode:

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Sprout Swarm — Chippy