Episode 78— December 27th, 2021

Looking Backwards; Moving Forwards

Anthony’s Cube Hit of the Year: Diversity and Community Cubes on MTGO
Andy’s Cube Hit of the Year: the Creature Lands from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
Andy’s Cube Miss of the Year: Double-faced Cards
Anthony’s Cube Miss of the Year: Linear and Synergistic Flagship Mechanics
Andy’s Cube Cards of the Year: Murktide Regent and Captured by Lagacs
Anthony’s Cube Cards of the Year: the MH2 Artifact Dual Lands
Andy and Anthony’s Cube Set of the Year: Modern Horizons 2
Andy’s Honorable Mention Cube Set of the Year: Strixhaven
Anthony’s Little Shout Out to Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
Andy’s Cube Level Up: Disentangling Desirable Play Patterns from Raw Power Level when Considering Cards for Cube Inclusion
Anthony’s Cube Level Up: Reassessing His Relationship With Magic and What He Values About the Game

In this 2021 retrospective episode, Andy and Anthony look back on the year and discuss the highs and lows for Cube and how their relationship with Magic continues to evolve. They follow the format of Lucky Paper’s 2021 Cube in Review article, giving their own answers to the questions posed to prominent community members therein, and end up going deep on how changes to competitive Magic and the content and community surrounding it has sharpened their commitment to Cube and other sandbox formats.

Discussed in this episode:

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Captured by Lagacs — Andrew Mar