Episode 83— January 31st, 2022

Bottling an Iconic Mirror Match: the Jeskai Control Battle Box

Brags and Bad Beats: Parker’s Roto Draft Edition
A brief review of Battle Box
Opening hand evaluations
Introduction to the Jeskai Control Battle Box
Structure and design considerations
Temples in the land package
Expectations - Do players really just love blue that much?
Lessons on removal from Jumpstart
Gameplay lessons from the Jeskai Control Battle Box
Single card discussion: Jeskai Battle Box Edition

Andy and Anthony linger on the topic of Battle Box for a second week in a row, discussing a novel design: Andy’s Jeskai Control Battle Box, modeled after what some have called Magic’s most interesting mirror match. They start things off by drawing and comparing opening hands from the list and then go deep on the benefits of designing an environment for a more narrow range of play and what can be learned from playing it.

Discussed in this episode:

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