Episode 87— February 28th, 2022

My Deck Is a 7 With Mike Coyle & Andy Floury

Introductions — How our hosts got interested in Magic
How The Guardian Project approaches the game and tuning for 25% win rates
Tracking games and analyzing Commander
Rule zero conversations: What is important in a game of Magic?
Reflections on Andy Mangold's Grenzo deck

Andy and Anthony are joined by guests Andy Floury and Mike Coyle of The Guardian Project Podcast to discuss their approach to Commander, which has a lot in common with Lucky Paper Radio’s approach to Cube. By figuring out how to use data to optimize for fun, recognizing that the most powerful cards do not always lead to interesting play patterns, and understanding that setting expectations is one of the most important factors in any game, Andy and Mike have established themselves as kindred spirits in trying to get the most out of Magic.

Discussed in this episode:

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