Episode 90— March 28th, 2022

Rock Beats Paper, Paper Beats Scissors, Scissors Beats Rock

Introduction to Topic and Pack 1, Pick 1 from Arcade's Commander Cube
What are the macro-archetypes and where do they come from?
Andy’s argument that there is no inherent advantage between the marco-archetypes in Magic
A Simple Origin for the Typical Rock, Paper, Scissors Heuristic
A Comprehensive Rundown of How Each Matchup Is Won and Lost Between Aggro, Midrange, and Control

After alluding to it in passing multiple times, Andy and Anthony are finally going deep on Andy’s contentious assertion that there are no intrinsically favored matchups between aggro, midrange, and control as the common heuristic suggests. In this episode, they define the macro-archetypes, talk about where they come from, and cover appropriate and inappropriate applications of these kinds of thought technologies. Then, they discuss how each matchup is won and lost for all the permutations of aggro, midrange, and control.

Our listener submitted pack 1, pick 1 this week comes from Arcade’s Commander Cube, the “Brawlbox”.

Discussed in this episode:

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