Episode 92— April 11th, 2022

Streets of New Capenna Mechanics & First Impressions

The Mechanics of Streets of New Capenna
The Brokers (Bant): Shield Counters
The Obscura (Esper): Connive
The Maestros (Grixis): Casualty
The Riveteers (Jund): Blitz
The Cabaretti (Naya): Alliance
Overall Mechanical Impressions, Hideaway, and No Double Faced Cards

Andy and Anthony talk about the headline mechanics of Magic’s latest premier set, Streets of New Capenna, a set featuring five, three-color factions, the families, each with their own named mechanic. They discuss each abstractly, breaking down the possible design space, how they fit into existing contexts, and what kinds of individual card designs they’re hoping to see.

27 weeks to CubeCon!

Discussed in this episode:

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