Bonus Episode— July 5th, 2022

Introducing the Commander Map

Introduction to the Commander Map and the math underpinning it
The hosts’ backgrounds with Commander
How the Commander Map is Made
Commander Map frequently asked questions
Some of the cool things we’ve found on the map
Triangle corner

Andy and Anthony are joined by Jett to talk about Lucky Paper’s brand new project: the Commander Map! The map visualizes the wide world of EDH showing every deck on EDHREC organized in 2d space based on the cards they contain. Like the Cube Map, the Commander Map algorithmically organizes every deck, (all 1.2 million of them!) into an interactive visualization showing patterns in the way people build decks.

They discuss how the map was made, what else the dimension reduction is used for by data scientists, their own relationships to the commander format, and just a little bit about why triangles are important in computer graphics.

Discussed in this episode:

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