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Core Set 2021

July 23rd, 2020 — Jett Crowdis

This article is one of our set prospectives, a series in which we survey the Cube community about the cards they intend to play in their cubes from a particular set. Our survey is conducted between the set’s full-spoiler and official release and is meant to measure and document Cube designers’ first impressions of new cards.

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Card TestersRank 
Heartfire Immolator65.0%2.4
Barrin, Tolarian Archmage53.0%2.4
Seasoned Hallowblade50.4%2.4
Garruk, Unleashed31.6%2.4
Llanowar Visionary28.2%2.1
Waker of Waves25.6%2.4
Basri Ket20.5%2.1
Elder Gargaroth18.8%1.9
Teferi, Master of Time17.9%2.0
Ghostly Pilferer17.9%1.7
Stormwing Entity17.1%2.2
Basri's Lieutenant16.2%2.0
Liliana, Waker of the Dead13.7%1.9
Radha, Heart of Keld13.7%2.0
Garruk's Harbinger12.0%1.7
Mazemind Tome11.1%2.0
Sublime Epiphany10.3%2.1
Shipwreck Dowser9.4%2.0
Village Rites9.4%2.3
See the Truth9.4%1.6
Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner7.7%2.0
Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse6.8%2.1
Obsessive Stitcher6.8%1.9
Terror of the Peaks6.8%2.1
Malefic Scythe6.8%1.9
Liliana's Devotee6.0%2.1
Angelic Ascension5.1%1.8
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose5.1%2.2
Demonic Embrace5.1%2.3
Swift Response5.1%2.3
Goblin Wizardry5.1%2.0
Pestilent Haze5.1%1.9
Bolt Hound4.3%2.0
Conclave Mentor4.3%2.0
Experimental Overload4.3%2.3
Cards being tested by fewer than 5 respondents not shown.
Individual Card Discussion
The wheat among the chaff?
Seasoned Hallowblade
Barrin, Tolarian Archmage
Garruk, Unleashed
Waker of Waves
Heartfire Immolator
The speculative maybes
Basri Ket
Basri's Lieutenant
Stormwing Entity
Teferi, Master of Time
Ghostly Pilferer
Elder Gargaroth
Llanowar Visionary
The fringe playables
Demonic Embrace
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose
Village Rites
Sublime Epiphany
Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner
Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse
Peasant and Pauper Cubes
Heartfire Immolator
Shipwreck Dowser
Swift Response
Goblin Wizardry
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