Our Cube testing survey for Modern Horizons 2 is open. Let us know what cards you’re most excited about!

Set Prospective

Strixhaven: School of Mages

Strixhaven is bending Magic’s color pie, but what does it offer for Cube designers? Find out what the Cube community thinks!

Set Prospective

Commander 2021

Despite its intended audience, Commander 2021 has some powerful Cube additions. We explore what the community is testing from this surprising set!

Tireless Tracker

Mapping the Cube Landscape

Learn how we made the Cube Map, an interactive visualization that summarizes and celebrates the diversity of the best way to play Magic—Cube!


Cube in the Time of Covid with Rotisserie Draft

Rotisserie drafting a cube is the perfect option for asynchronous, remote Magic. Our template makes keeping your draft organized a breeze.

Set Prospective


Kaldheim is upon us and is forcing Cube designers to ask themselves difficult questions, like whether they should use Snow basics and if modal-double-face-cards are worth the complexity they introduce. Find out how players are answering these questions in the results of our Cube survey!

Community Voices

2020 — Cube in Review

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you officially made it through 2020. While this was a challenging year for many of us, and for our favorite way to play Magic, that's even more reason to gather our friends from around the community and reminisce about the highlights of 2020 for Cube.


An Introduction to the Degenerate Micro Cube

A primer on a cube with a 15 card minimum deck size that pushes the most powerful strategies in Magic’s history to their limits — a drafted format that plays like constructed Vintage.

Set Prospective

Commander Legends

Commander Legends offers a wealth of cards for EDH players, but what does it offer the Cube community? How do Cube designers feel about Monarch? Find out in the results of our CMR survey.


The First Four Questions Cube Designers Should Ask

We propose four basic questions that can help you communicate your Cube design goals to yourself and others.

Set Prospective

Zendikar Rising

Many are touting Zendikar Rising as the single best set of all time for Cube, but does the less vocal majority agree with these enthusiastic designers? Find out in the analysis of our survey results.


Regular Expressions: Powerful Card Searching

Finding all cards that fit a particular effect or mechanical theme can be a challenge. Simple Regular Expressions enable powerful, nuanced searching.

Set Prospective

Core Set 2021

Core Set 2021 represents a return to a lower power level, but what does the Cube community think are its standout cards?

Set Prospective


A new kind of supplemental product means new, non-standard legal design space, but does it bring new Cube cards?

Set Prospective

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths

Ikoria brings exciting new mechanics and a return to well-loved existing ones, but which cards are cube designers actually sleeving up from the new set?

Set Prospective

Commander 2020

We look at the cards cube designers are testing from Commander 2020 and analyze why so few of them made the cut.


An Ode to Scalable Threats

If you’re interested in making your cube faster, more powerful, and more skill testing you ought to consider an often overlooked category of cards: scalable threats.

Set Prospective

Theros Beyond Death

What does the Cube community think are the best cards from Theros Beyond Death? Which cards are the most contentious? Find out here!

Community Voices

2019 — Cube in Review

With 2019 in the rear-view mirror, we reached out to some of our friends to get their takes on the brightest moments from the past year for our favorite format — Cube.

Set Prospective

Throne of Eldraine

We take a look at what the Cube community thinks of Throne of Eldraine. Which cards are people testing, and which cards do they think will do well? Is Gingerbrute really what every aggro section needs?

Tireless Tracker

Analyzing Your Own Cube Drafts

An introduction to tracking and analyzing data from your own Cube drafts. We examine my dataset of 400 Cube decklists and analyze archetype balance, individual card strength, and color distributions. I also prove definitively that Jackal Pup one of the top ten cards in Cube.


The Vindicate Test

Our primer on the Vindicate Test — one of the most ubiquitous card-evaluation heuristics. What does it mean? How can you apply it to your game? Does your opponent have that removal spell? We’ll tell you once and for all.

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