An Ode to Scalable Threats

If you're interested in making your cube faster, more powerful, and more skill testing you ought to consider an often overlooked category of cards: scalable threats.

Set Prospective

Theros Beyond Death

What does the Cube community think are the best cards from Theros Beyond Death? Which cards are the most contentious? Find out here!

Community Voices

2019 — Cube in Review

With 2019 in the rear-view mirror, we reached out to some of our friends to get their takes on the brightest moments from the past year for our favorite format — Cube.

Set Prospective

Throne of Eldraine

We take a look at what the Cube community thinks of Throne of Eldraine. Which cards are people testing, and which cards do they think will do well? Is Gingerbrute really what every aggro section needs?

Tireless Tracker

Analyzing Your Own Cube Drafts

An introduction to tracking and analyzing data from your own Cube drafts. We examine my dataset of 400 Cube decklists and analyze archetype balance, individual card strength, and color distributions. Oh yeah, I also prove definitively that Jackal Pup one of the top ten cards in Cube.


The Vindicate Test

Our primer on the Vindicate Test — one of the most ubiquitous card-evaluation heuristics. What does it mean? How can you apply it to your game? Does your opponent have that removal spell? We'll tell you once and for all.

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