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Innistrad: Crimson Vow

November 29th, 2021 — Parker LaMascus

This article is one of our set prospectives, a series in which we survey the Cube community about the cards they intend to play in their cubes from a particular set. Our survey is conducted between the set’s full-spoiler and official release and is meant to measure and document Cube designers’ first impressions of new cards.

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Card TestersRank 
Thirst for Discovery40.4%2.4
Welcoming Vampire36.7%2.2
Graf Reaver33.0%2.2
Cemetery Gatekeeper27.1%2.2
Cemetery Prowler26.6%2.1
Dread Fugue26.1%2.2
Hopeful Initiate25.2%2.0
Fell Stinger24.3%2.2
Ulvenwald Oddity // Ulvenwald Behemoth22.9%2.2
Sorin the Mirthless22.0%2.1
Reckless Impulse19.7%2.3
Scattered Thoughts19.3%2.2
Ascendant Packleader18.3%2.2
Overcharged Amalgam17.4%2.1
Reclusive Taxidermist17.0%2.1
Torens, Fist of the Angels15.1%2.1
Voldaren Bloodcaster // Bloodbat Summoner14.2%2.0
Kessig Wolfrider13.8%2.0
Wandering Mind13.3%2.0
Cemetery Illuminator12.4%2.1
Fleeting Spirit12.4%2.0
By Invitation Only11.9%2.1
Cemetery Protector11.9%1.9
Halana and Alena, Partners11.5%2.0
Hullbreaker Horror10.1%2.1
Concealing Curtains // Revealing Eye10.1%2.0
Lantern Bearer // Lanterns' Lift9.6%2.0
Dreamshackle Geist9.2%2.0
Henrika Domnathi // Henrika, Infernal Seer9.2%2.1
Wedding Announcement // Wedding Festivity9.2%1.9
Voldaren Epicure8.7%1.9
Faithbound Judge // Sinner's Judgment8.7%1.8
Voltaic Visionary // Volt-Charged Berserker8.7%2.0
Manaform Hellkite8.7%2.2
Blood Fountain7.3%2.2
Cobbled Lancer7.3%1.9
Savior of Ollenbock7.3%2.0
Vilespawn Spider6.9%2.1
Persistent Specimen6.9%2.1
Stormchaser Drake6.4%2.3
Cruel Witness6.4%2.1
Inspired Idea6.4%1.7
Mirrorhall Mimic // Ghastly Mimicry6.4%2.2
Eruth, Tormented Prophet6.4%1.9
Avabruck Caretaker // Hollowhenge Huntmaster6.0%2.1
Undead Butler6.0%2.3
Twinblade Geist // Twinblade Invocation6.0%2.0
Kessig Flamebreather6.0%2.1
Headless Rider6.0%2.1
Old Rutstein5.5%1.8
Bloodvial Purveyor5.0%1.8
Volatile Arsonist // Dire-Strain Anarchist5.0%1.9
Falkenrath Forebear5.0%1.8
Dying to Serve5.0%2.2
Cemetery Desecrator4.6%1.6
Stormcarved Coast4.6%2.3
Hero's Downfall4.6%2.1
Toxrill, the Corrosive4.6%1.9
Sundown Pass4.1%2.3
Shattered Sanctum4.1%2.3
Dreamroot Cascade4.1%2.3
Deathcap Glade4.1%2.3
Jacob Hauken, Inspector // Hauken's Insight4.1%1.8
Lantern Flare4.1%1.8
Angelic Quartermaster4.1%2.0
Ceremonial Knife4.1%1.7
Patchwork Crawler3.7%1.8
Gift of Fangs3.7%1.9
Foreboding Statue // Forsaken Thresher3.7%2.1
Markov Purifier3.7%1.8
Kaya, Geist Hunter3.7%2.1
Chandra, Dressed to Kill3.2%2.2
Dreadfeast Demon3.2%1.8
Dollhouse of Horrors3.2%2.0
Investigator's Journal3.2%2.0
Blood Petal Celebrant3.2%1.7
Cards being tested by fewer than 7 respondents not shown.
Single Card Discussion
Card Economy
Thirst for Discovery
Welcoming Vampire
Sorin the Mirthless
Fell Stinger
“Since one of my goals is always to increase cross-synergies in my cube, VOW is bringing some cards that I'd like to try even if they're ‘downgrades’ from some other things I've run.”
Bring the Beatdown
Graf Reaver
Cemetery Prowler
Cemetery Gatekeeper
Hopeful Initiate
“VOW has more large splashy effects, which means they are worse for higher-power environments, since MV is so important to the relative value of cards.”
Blood Donations
Dread Fugue
Voldaren Bloodcaster // Bloodbat Summoner
Overcharged Amalgam
“People are overstating how difficult it is to comprehend the Cleave mechanic. In testing, people who had never seen a Cleave card before had a good grasp on the mechanic by the end of the session.”
“This set is characterized by a lot of cool ideas that fit neatly into the pillars of sacrifice (with exploit and blood tokens) & enchantments (with the new take on disturb) that just don't spark joy.”
“The third visit to Innistrad feels watered down on both a mechanical and thematic level, and I'm disappointed in its inability to deliver on compelling graveyard synergies.”

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By Invitation Only — Micah Epstein