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Midnight Hunt Commander

October 2nd, 2021 — Parker LaMascus

This article is one of our set prospectives, a series in which we survey the Cube community about the cards they intend to play in their cubes from a particular set. Our survey is conducted between the set’s full-spoiler and official release and is meant to measure and document Cube designers’ first impressions of new cards.

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Card TestersRank 
Gorex, the Tombshell34.1%2.1
Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth20.5%2.3
Leinore, Autumn Sovereign18.2%1.9
Kurbis, Harvest Celebrant15.9%2.1
Shadow Kin13.6%2.1
Somberwald Beastmaster13.6%1.9
Sigarda's Vanguard11.4%2.2
Kyler, Sigardian Emissary11.4%1.8
Prowling Geistcatcher11.4%2.2
Ghouls' Night Out9.1%2.5
Crowded Crypt9.1%1.9
Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver9.1%2.0
Stalwart Pathlighter9.1%1.9
Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor9.1%1.7
Cards being tested by fewer than 4 respondents not shown.
Single Card Discussion
Gorex, the Tombshell
Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth
Kurbis, Harvest Celebrant
Leinore, Autumn Sovereign

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