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Regular Expressions: Powerful Card Searching

September 10th, 2020 — Anthony Mattox
Counter target spell
Essence Scatter
Blue Elemental Blast
Counter target ... spell
Enabling RegExes on Scryfall
Regular Expression Tools
Deadeye Navigator
Conjurer's Closet
Estrid's Invocation
Ghostly Flicker
Teferi's Time Twist
exile ... return
Cost and Effect
This or That
Line Beginnings and Endings
Word Boundaries
Looking Back, and Forward
Combining Tools
Writing a Regular Expression
The Nature of Magic Cards
Time Stop
Ertai's Meddling
Ashiok's Erasure
Are you my Counterspell?

Quick Reference & Templates
Cards that reference “graveyard” and then “library” in an effect in that order:
Cards that reference “black creature” excluding those that only reference “nonblack creature”:
Creatures with “partner” but not “partner with”:
Cards that create tokens when they enter the battlefield:
Triggered abilities that create tokens:
Generic mana cost reduction effects:
“Fetch lands” in the broadest sense:
All Cards with “Cycling 1“:
Many cards that remove creatures:
Cards that remove creatures, excluding 'blink' effects that then 'return' the card to play:
Cards that deal specific, double digit amounts of damage:
Activated abilities that grant certain keywords:
Activated abilities that cost discarding a card:
Cards with flashback, excluding some that reference flashback:
Activated abilities that cost only sacrificing a creature:
Activated abilities that only cost sacrificing this card:
Activated abilities that remove a +1/+1 counter in the cost:
Include a blue mana symbol:
Include a blue mana symbol in an activated abilities cost:
...cost only a blue mana:
...cost any amount of blue but no other cost:
...cost a blue, no other mana cost, but may have other costs:
The “swords of x and y” cycle, excluding other swords:
Alternate win, and loss, conditions:
Cards that roll dice and care about dice rolling:
Land cycling cards:

Beyond Scryfall
Thirst for Knowledge
Obsessive Search
Frantic Inventory
Frantic Search
Compulsive Research
Scour All Possibilities
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