The Lucky Paper Commander Map

This map visualizes every one of the over 2.5 million Commander decks on EDHRECin one virtual space.

Decks are algorithmically organized based on their cards. Decks that share more cards are closer together.

Do the axes mean anything?

No. This map is more like a globe, cut and flattened out into a 2D picture in uninterpretable ways. If that globe also existed in 20,000 dimensions rather than three.

How is the map generated?

Positions are determined by an algorithm called UMAP, used by data scientists to understand multi-dimensional data. The algorithm only considers the names of the cards in each deck and knows nothing a priori about themes, tribes, or Commanders.

Have another question?

You can reach us at [email protected] or @luckypapermtgon Twitter.

The map was created by Jett Crowdis’s data analysis savvy and Anthony Mattox’s web development for the fun and delight of the game.