The Lucky Paper Cube Map

A map of all Magic: the Gathering Cubes. Each is positioned based on the cards they contain. Cubes that share more cards are closer together.

What do the axes mean?

The axes have no interpretable meaning — the distance between points is what matters, not their absolute position.

What are the colors and clusters?

The colors indicate the clusters and have no other meaning. The clusters are groups of cubes that an algorithm determined are similar. The top cards that define each cluster relative to all others (global) or its closest neighbors (local) are shown.

Read about how the Cube Map was made →

Why isn’t my Cube included?

The map is not updated in real time. The current map is based on data from 2023-09-24. We also exclude cubes that are “unlisted” on Cube Cobra or include fewer than 50 unique cards.

Additional questions?

You can reach us at [email protected] or @luckypapermtg on Twitter.