Magic: the Gathering Cube

Cube is a custom draft format of Magic: the Gathering. Traditionally cubes are sets of 360 or more unique cards chosen by the Cube’s designer, drafted like a booster draft. There are no hard rules. Within and beyond that template, Cube can be whatever you like.

Many Cubes, including the well known Vintageand Legacycubes on Magic the Gathering Online, feature powerful cards from the history of the game. These formats allow a unique opportunity to play with cards that simply can’t be played or drafted anywhere else.

Cube can equally be an opportunity to utilize cards that were never viable in other formats, providing a space to make them competitively viable. Designers often use rarity, budget, or power levelrestrictions to support and balance the draft experience they’re looking for.

Cube can even be a space for players to explore the depth and bizarre extremes of the game. Designers create cubes centered on multiplayer gameplay, Commander/EDH, silver-bordered cards, dramatic alterationsof Magic’s rules, wild stipulationson cards to include, and even custom cards.

More than anything else, Cube is a true playground for lovers of Magic where players can craft any experience they can imagine without the limitations of ban-lists, format restrictions, power creep, play group arms races, or needing to optimize against a meta game.

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