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Cube Con 2023 Map Print

Celebrate the biggest Cube event of 2023 with a high quality, digital print of the Lucky Paper Cube Map, with all 48 featured cubes from the second Cube Con highlighted and labeled with their designer and geographic origin.
This is a pre-order. Posters will be delivered in person at Cube Con, each carefully rolled up in a cardboard shipping tube. This preorder is for attendees of Cube Con only. If you are not at Cube Con, you will not get your print. They will not be shipped.
How long will these be on sale for?
The preorder will close on October 6th at 5pm eastern. This is to allow for enough time for production and packing.
I’m not attending Cube Con — can I still purchase a print?
Unfortunately, no. We will not be shipping these prints, they will only be delivered in person at Cube Con.
But what if I really, really want one but I am not going to Cube Con?
If you can coordinate with someone who is attending the event we can deliver it to them and you can get it from them later. Just keep in mind that we can’t be held responsible if something happens in transit.
What if I was going to attend Cube Con but I get sick or have a last-minute emergency and cannot attend?
If you purchased a Cube Con pass but are unable to attend for some reason we will do our best to work with you and get your print into your hands. Please email us at [email protected].
Can I purchase more than one?
Yep. You can purchase as many as you’d like as long as you can pick them all up at Cube Con.
Will these ever be reprinted in the future? Do you plan to sell them elsewhere?
We have no plans to reprint these or sell them in any other context. This is probably your one shot to get one.

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