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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Cards
Adeline, Resplendent Cathar
Ambitious Farmhand // Seasoned Cathar
Beloved Beggar // Generous Soul
Bereaved Survivor // Dauntless Avenger
Blessed Defiance
Borrowed Time
Brutal Cathar // Moonrage Brute
Candlegrove Witch
Cathar Commando
Cathar's Call
Celestus Sanctifier
Chaplain of Alms // Chapel Shieldgeist
Clarion Cathars
Curse of Silence
Duelcraft Trainer
Enduring Angel // Angelic Enforcer
Fateful Absence
Flare of Faith
Gavony Dawnguard
Gavony Silversmith
Gavony Trapper
Hedgewitch's Mask
Homestead Courage
Intrepid Adversary
Loyal Gryff
Lunarch Veteran // Luminous Phantom
Mourning Patrol // Morning Apparition
Odric's Outrider
Ritual Guardian
Ritual of Hope
Search Party Captain
Sigarda's Splendor
Sigardian Savior
Soul-Guide Gryff
Sungold Barrage
Sungold Sentinel
Sunset Revelry
Thraben Exorcism
Vanquish the Horde
Baithook Angler // Hook-Haunt Drifter
Component Collector
Covetous Castaway // Ghostly Castigator
Curse of Surveillance
Delver of Secrets // Insectile Aberration(New Rarity)
Drownyard Amalgam
Fading Hope
Falcon Abomination
Firmament Sage
Flip the Switch
Galedrifter // Waildrifter
Grafted Identity
Larder Zombie
Lier, Disciple of the Drowned
Locked in the Cemetery
Malevolent Hermit // Benevolent Geist
Memory Deluge
Mysterious Tome // Chilling Chronicle
Nebelgast Intruder
Ominous Roost
Organ Hoarder
Otherworldly Gaze
Overwhelmed Archivist // Archive Haunt
Patrician Geist
Phantom Carriage
Poppet Stitcher // Poppet Factory
Revenge of the Drowned
Secrets of the Key
Shipwreck Sifters
Skaab Wrangler
Sludge Monster
Spectral Adversary
Suspicious Stowaway // Seafaring Werewolf
Unblinking Observer
Vivisection(New Rarity)
Arrogant Outlaw
Baneblade Scoundrel // Baneclaw Marauder
Bat Whisperer
Blood Pact
Bloodline Culling
Bloodtithe Collector
Champion of the Perished
Covert Cutpurse // Covetous Geist
Crawl from the Cellar
Curse of Leeches // Leeching Lurker
Diregraf Horde
Eaten Alive
Ecstatic Awakener // Awoken Demon
Foul Play
Ghoulish Procession
Gisa, Glorious Resurrector
Graveyard Trespasser // Graveyard Glutton
Heirloom Mirror // Inherited Fiend
Hobbling Zombie
Infernal Grasp
Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia
Jerren, Corrupted Bishop // Ormendahl, the Corrupter
Lord of the Forsaken
Mask of Griselbrand
The Meathook Massacre
Morbid Opportunist
Morkrut Behemoth
No Way Out
Novice Occultist
Olivia's Midnight Ambush
Rotten Reunion
Shady Traveler // Stalking Predator
Siege Zombie
Slaughter Specialist
Stromkirk Bloodthief
Tainted Adversary
Vengeful Strangler // Strangling Grasp
Abandon the Post
Ardent Elementalist
Bloodthirsty Adversary
Brimstone Vandal
Burn Down the House
Burn the Accursed
Cathartic Pyre
Curse of Shaken Faith
Electric Revelation
Falkenrath Perforator
Falkenrath Pit Fighter
Famished Foragers
Fangblade Brigand // Fangblade Eviscerator
Festival Crasher
Flame Channeler // Embodiment of Flame
Geistflame Reservoir
Harvesttide Infiltrator // Harvesttide Assailant
Lambholt Harrier
Light Up the Night
Lunar Frenzy
Moonrager's Slash
Moonveil Regent
Mounted Dreadknight
Neonate's Rush
Obsessive Astronomer
Pack's Betrayal
Play with Fire
Purifying Dragon
Raze the Effigy
Reckless Stormseeker // Storm-Charged Slasher
Seize the Storm
Smoldering Egg // Ashmouth Dragon
Spellrune Painter // Spellrune Howler
Stolen Vitality
Sunstreak Phoenix
Tavern Ruffian // Tavern Smasher
Thermo-Alchemist(New Rarity)
Village Watch // Village Reavers
Voldaren Ambusher
Voldaren Stinger
Augur of Autumn
Bird Admirer // Wing Shredder
Bounding Wolf
Bramble Armor
Briarbridge Tracker
Brood Weaver
Burly Breaker // Dire-Strain Demolisher
Candlelit Cavalry
Consuming Blob
Contortionist Troupe
Dawnhart Mentor
Dawnhart Rejuvenator
Deathbonnet Sprout // Deathbonnet Hulk
Defend the Celestus
Dryad's Revival
Duel for Dominance
Eccentric Farmer
Harvesttide Sentry
Hound Tamer // Untamed Pup
Howl of the Hunt
Might of the Old Ways
Outland Liberator // Frenzied Trapbreaker
Path to the Festival
Pestilent Wolf
Primal Adversary
Rise of the Ants
Saryth, the Viper's Fang
Shadowbeast Sighting
Snarling Wolf
Storm the Festival
Tapping at the Window
Tireless Hauler // Dire-Strain Brawler
Tovolar's Huntmaster // Tovolar's Packleader
Turn the Earth
Unnatural Growth
Willow Geist
Wrenn and Seven
Angelfire Ignition
Arcane Infusion
Arlinn, the Pack's Hope // Arlinn, the Moon's Fury
Bladestitched Skaab
Can't Stay Away
Corpse Cobble
Croaking Counterpart
Dawnhart Wardens
Dennick, Pious Apprentice // Dennick, Pious Apparition
Devoted Grafkeeper // Departed Soulkeeper
Dire-Strain Rampage
Diregraf Rebirth
Faithful Mending
Florian, Voldaren Scion
Galvanic Iteration
Ghoulcaller's Harvest
Grizzly Ghoul
Hallowed Respite
Hungry for More
Join the Dance
Katilda, Dawnhart Prime
Kessig Naturalist // Lord of the Ulvenwald
Liesa, Forgotten Archangel
Ludevic, Necrogenius // Olag, Ludevic's Hubris
Old Stickfingers
Rem Karolus, Stalwart Slayer
Rite of Harmony
Rite of Oblivion
Rootcoil Creeper
Sacred Fire
Sigarda, Champion of Light
Siphon Insight
Slogurk, the Overslime
Storm Skreelix
Sunrise Cavalier
Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset
Tovolar, Dire Overlord // Tovolar, the Midnight Scourge
Unnatural Moonrise
Vadrik, Astral Archmage
Vampire Socialite
Wake to Slaughter
Winterthorn Blessing
The Celestus
Crossroads Candleguide
Moonsilver Key
Mystic Skull // Mystic Monstrosity
Silver Bolt
Stuffed Bear
Deserted Beach
Haunted Ridge
Hostile Hostel // Creeping Inn
Overgrown Farmland
Rockfall Vale
Shipwreck Marsh
Leinore, Autumn Sovereign
Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver
Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth
Kyler, Sigardian Emissary
Celestial Judgment
Curse of Conformity
Moorland Rescuer
Sigarda's Vanguard
Stalwart Pathlighter
Wall of Mourning
Cleaver Skaab
Curse of Unbinding
Drown in Dreams
Empty the Laboratory
Hordewing Skaab
Shadow Kin
Crowded Crypt
Curse of the Restless Dead
Ghouls' Night Out
Gorex, the Tombshell
Prowling Geistcatcher
Ravenous Rotbelly
Tomb Tyrant
Celebrate the Harvest
Curse of Clinging Webs
Heronblade Elite
Kurbis, Harvest Celebrant
Ruinous Intrusion
Sigardian Zealot
Somberwald Beastmaster
Avacyn's Memorial
Visions of Glory
Visions of Duplicity
Visions of Dread
Curse of Obsession
Visions of Ruin
Visions of Dominance
Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor
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