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Wilds of Eldraine

September 18th, 2023 — Parker LaMascus

This article is part of our community-sourced Set Prospective series. We survey Cube designers before the set’s official release to document their first impressions of new cards.

Eldraine has had a tough time of it. First, some hunky lunatic with pinky jewelry turns the king into an Elk. The royal heirs fix that, but then they burn down a school. And then the teeth fanatics invade, kill the freshly un-Elked king, and won’t leave until the whole realm (yes, even Rankle!) falls asleep! Talk about a string of bad luck. At least the king’s children, arsonists though they be, won’t start a blood feud or plunge the realm into conflict… right?

Oh. Well, at least Cube lets us pretend everything’s still alright. And we’ve got the survey results to prove it!


Wilds of Eldraine is hugely popular in Cube circles. With 323 responses from Cube owners, this survey is just shy of our all-time record for participation. The median survey respondents is playing 10 WOE cards, and assigned a median rating of 6.1 (above average). This play rate is higher than recent premier sets like Tales of Middle-earth, but lower than our all-time records of MH2 (16 cards at median) or MID (13 cards).

Filter by rarity:
Card TestersRank 
Mosswood Dreadknight // Dread Whispers41.2%7.4
Cheeky House-Mouse // Squeak By39.3%6.8
Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender31.6%7.0
Elusive Otter // Grove's Bounty27.9%6.4
Questing Druid // Seek the Beast25.7%6.7
Restless Vinestalk24.5%7.4
Virtue of Persistence // Locthwain Scorn23.8%6.3
Restless Cottage23.5%7.5
Embereth Veteran23.2%7.1
Regal Bunnicorn22.9%6.0
Restless Bivouac22.0%7.5
The Goose Mother21.1%6.7
Faerie Dreamthief20.1%5.9
Scalding Viper // Steam Clean20.1%6.4
Restless Spire19.8%7.3
Tough Cookie19.8%7.0
Decadent Dragon // Expensive Taste19.2%6.0
Candy Trail17.6%5.7
Twining Twins // Swift Spiral17.6%6.2
Werefox Bodyguard17.3%6.4
Cruel Somnophage // Can't Wake Up16.7%6.1
Gruff Triplets16.1%6.7
Charming Scoundrel16.1%6.1
Hearth Elemental // Stoke Genius16.1%6.2
Kellan, the Fae-Blooded // Birthright Boon15.5%6.3
Likeness Looter15.2%6.2
Restless Fortress14.9%6.7
Collector's Vault14.6%5.3
Lord Skitter, Sewer King14.2%5.5
Virtue of Loyalty // Ardenvale Fealty13.6%6.4
Heartflame Duelist // Heartflame Slash13.6%5.6
Pollen-Shield Hare // Hare Raising13.3%6.5
Quick Study13.0%5.5
Torch the Tower11.8%5.9
Frolicking Familiar // Blow Off Steam11.8%6.3
Woodland Acolyte // Mend the Wilds11.5%6.0
Elvish Archivist11.5%5.9
Devouring Sugarmaw // Have for Dinner11.5%5.0
Bramble Familiar // Fetch Quest11.1%5.7
Blossoming Tortoise10.8%7.0
Horned Loch-Whale // Lagoon Breach10.8%5.6
Picklock Prankster // Free the Fae10.5%6.1
Back for Seconds10.5%5.5
Raging Battle Mouse10.5%5.5
Stroke of Midnight10.5%6.7
Agatha's Soul Cauldron9.0%6.3
Lord Skitter's Butcher8.7%6.0
The Huntsman's Redemption8.7%5.7
Redcap Gutter-Dweller8.7%5.8
Rowan's Grim Search8.7%5.7
Shrouded Shepherd // Cleave Shadows8.0%6.1
Callous Sell-Sword // Burn Together8.0%5.8
Ingenious Prodigy7.7%5.4
Stormkeld Vanguard // Bear Down7.7%6.9
Beseech the Mirror7.7%6.4
Monstrous Rage7.4%6.3
Spell Stutter7.4%5.9
Bitter Chill7.1%6.8
Snaremaster Sprite7.1%6.0
Spellbook Vendor6.8%5.9
Candy Grapple6.5%6.6
Ruby, Daring Tracker6.2%5.9
Imodane's Recruiter // Train Troops6.2%6.2
Gumdrop Poisoner // Tempt with Treats6.2%4.4
Grabby Giant // That's Mine5.9%4.7
Eriette's Tempting Apple5.9%5.2
Goddric, Cloaked Reveler5.9%5.6
Gadwick's First Duel5.6%5.8
Rankle's Prank5.6%5.5
Up the Beanstalk5.6%6.3
Sleep-Cursed Faerie5.6%4.3
Moonshaker Cavalry5.3%5.9
Cooped Up5.3%6.0
Talion, the Kindly Lord5.3%6.8
The Irencrag5.3%5.9
Hopeless Nightmare5.0%5.3
Virtue of Courage // Embereth Blaze5.0%5.8
Tangled Colony5.0%4.7
Lich-Knights' Conquest5.0%5.2
Spellscorn Coven // Take It Back4.6%5.6
Picnic Ruiner // Stolen Goodies4.6%6.2
Mocking Sprite4.6%5.3
Greta, Sweettooth Scourge4.6%6.1
Hylda's Crown of Winter4.6%6.7
Feral Encounter4.6%5.6
Three Bowls of Porridge4.3%5.0
Return from the Wilds4.3%5.3
Witchstalker Frenzy4.3%5.5
Two-Headed Hunter // Twice the Rage4.3%5.1
Freeze in Place4.3%6.6
Flick a Coin4.3%5.3
Edgewall Inn4.3%6.1
Return Triumphant4.0%5.4
Tempest Hart // Scan the Clouds4.0%5.5
Royal Treatment4.0%7.7
Song of Totentanz4.0%6.1
Brave the Wilds4.0%5.3
Welcome to Sweettooth4.0%5.7
Three Blind Mice4.0%5.5
Sharae of Numbing Depths3.7%5.6
Johann, Apprentice Sorcerer3.7%5.9
Rotisserie Elemental3.7%4.0
Discerning Financier3.7%6.2
Expel the Interlopers3.7%4.4
Harried Spearguard3.4%5.5
Intrepid Trufflesnout // Go Hog Wild3.4%5.7
Gingerbread Hunter // Puny Snack3.4%4.1
Ratcatcher Trainee // Pest Problem3.4%4.8
Hopeful Vigil3.4%6.0
Hollow Scavenger // Bakery Raid3.4%5.1
Voracious Vermin3.4%5.1
Beanstalk Wurm // Plant Beans3.1%6.3
Totentanz, Swarm Piper3.1%5.2
Tenacious Tomeseeker3.1%4.9
Ash, Party Crasher3.1%5.7
Lord Skitter's Blessing3.1%6.3
Virtue of Knowledge // Vantress Visions3.1%4.8
Troublemaker Ouphe3.1%5.3
Food Fight3.1%4.8
The Princess Takes Flight2.8%4.6
Agatha's Champion2.8%5.7
Ferocious Werefox // Guard Change2.8%5.7
Specter of Mortality2.8%6.2
Troyan, Gutsy Explorer2.8%6.3
Witch's Mark2.8%5.3
Not Dead After All2.5%5.6
Threadbind Clique // Rip the Seams2.5%6.4
Hamlet Glutton2.5%5.8
Gnawing Crescendo2.5%7.3
Talion's Messenger2.5%6.8
Unruly Catapult2.5%4.3
Aquatic Alchemist // Bubble Up2.5%4.7
The Witch's Vanity2.5%6.5
Cards being tested by fewer than 8 respondents not shown.

Single Card Discussion

Rulers of the Realm

Cheeky House-Mouse
Mosswood Dreadknight
Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender

Three cards from Wilds of Eldraine are seeing play by over a third of our respondents. Valiantly leaping out of a witch’s clutches and into the most-tested slot is none other than Cheeky House-Mouse. A clean upgrade to a well-loved Cube effect, with charming and whimsical flavor, it’s no surprise that this uncommon is widely appealing. The Mouse’s Adventure raises its power level above Savannah Lions, but also tells a charming story of unlikely heroes.

If Cheeky House-Mouse represents the potential of Adventure to tell whimsical stories, then WOE’s most highly rated top performer champions Adventure’s spooky side. Mosswood Dreadknight, like the Green Knight it references, is belligerent, mysterious, and seemingly allergic to a proper beheading. Dreadknight’s Adventure heightens this narrative, while diverging from the play patterns of Throne’s most popular Cube cards.

“Tons of flavorful and evocative designs.”

Meanwhile, Garruk might have lifted the Veil's curse, but now he must reckon with an even mightier foe: Syr Ginger. This cookie cavalier has novel, powerful abilities that strengthen its backstory as Garruk’s appetizing archnemesis.

Courtiers of Cube

Elusive Otter
Questing Druid
Restless Vinestalk

Another three Wilds cards were tested by between a quarter and a third of our respondents. Elusive Otter, by far the cutest of the bunch, adds Green to a classic {U} Prowess threat. By nudging powerful effects like Elusive Otter into a second, unlikely color, Wilds of Eldraine minimizes the risk of its powerful cards causing Constructed issues. In Limited, however, the optional splash may incentivize creative drafting and deckbuilding puzzles.

Similarly, Questing Druid adds obvious power to Quirion Dryad, but players who wish to realize that ceiling must make investments during draft and deckbuild.

“Adventure is my favourite modal mechanic, and it's great to see them return with a few twists.”

Restless Vinestalk and the rest of its cycle aren’t as popular as AFR’s landfolk cycle were at release. But just below a quarter of our respondents are trying a new land or two, proving that mana fixing and late-game modality is a combination as classic as fairy tales and gruesomely poetic justice.

Beyond the Realm’s Borders

Embereth Veteran
Tough Cookie
Raging Battle Mouse
Torch the Tower
Candy Trail

Embereth Veteran, besides being the second-most-popular uncommon, is the most popular card to create a Role token. Roles (“strictly better +1/+1 counters”?) are the most popular new mechanic from Wilds of Eldraine, with nearly half our respondents (43%) testing at least one role-maker, and a fifth (21%) testing more than one.

01234567891011121314151617181920212223Cards Tested with Set MechanicsNumber of Responses(log 10)10100
Select a set to view cards

After generic powerhouses Syr Ginger and Restless Cottage, Tough Cookie is the most popular Food-matters card from WOE. Half our respondents are testing at least one Food card, with over a quarter (28%) testing more than one.

“This set singlehandedly motivated me to use its mechanics as a baseline for a new cube.”
— snowtorch

The new Celebration keyword is the least popular new mechanic for Cube among our respondents. Raging Battle Mouse is the most popular card with the keyword, but only a fifth of our respondents are testing any card with the mechanic. This may speak to the bread-and-butter nature of this aggressive mechanic — since it is self-explanatory and carries no rules baggage, there’s no need to familiarize one’s players with Celebration through repetition (in contrast to mechanics like Adventures or Roles). Another interpretation, though, is that Celebration cards were designed for WOE Limited and not pushed for Constructed play, decreasing their appeal among our power-motivated respondents.

“Adventure is one of the best mechanics in all of Magic, and I'm glad we got another set of them to experiment with. ”

Finally, Candy Trail is the most popular common from WOE, with Quick Study close behind. Torch the Tower, another common, sneaks in as the most-tested Bargain card. Bargain falls between Celebration and Roles in terms of Cube popularity, with nearly a third (36%) of our respondents testing at least one card with the mechanic.

As always, thanks to all the Cube owners who submitted surveys for Wilds of Eldraine. Our very first set survey was for Throne of Eldraine in 2019, so this revisit is a major milestone for us. Thanks for coming along on the ride!

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