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June 21st, 2021

The number of cubes on Cube Map has increased from 25,664 to 28,403. Notably, this does not match CubeCobra’s ~40,000 Cube number on the home page. Due to a bug in the creation of cubes, about 10,000 empty cubes were generated.

Some notable changes:

  • We see the emergence of new cube clusters, including MH2 cubes, Mystery Booster cubes, Nega cubes, and Sudden Death cubes, which are centered around starting at one life. Sudden Death and Mystery Booster cubes were present before, but they finally acquired enough cubes to form their own distinct cluster.

  • The position of the Commander cube cluster has changed and is now located on the left instead of the right. As a reminder, there is no meaning to this—islands (even large ones) can move around the map fairly freely between data updates.

  • The MTGO associated cubes are continuing to become more defined. LSV and Gaby’s cube now forms its own cluster (because of its publication on MTGO), and the MTGO is continuing its trek away from the mainland. It will never fully separate (as there are a continuum of cubes behind it), but it will likely continue to extend.

May 13th, 2021

The number of cubes on Cube Map has increased from 21,585 to 25,664. Some notable changes:

  • In the dimension reduction for clustering, n_neighbors has been increased from 20 to 25. This is subjective but reduces overclustering as the dataset size increases.

  • Due to an error in card processing, several cards that have named Tokens like Llanowar Elves and Ajani’s Pridemate were not included in calculating cube similarities. This error is now fixed.

  • We see the emergence of various set cubes, including Kaldheim, Strixhaven, and Time Spiral Remastered, which joins the Timespiral/Color Pie Break cubes.

  • Several outgrowths of the largest cube landmass are starting to become more defined. For example, a cluster has formed around Mengucci’s cube, likely a reflection of its recent publicity on Magic Online. As another example, wtwlf123, a well-followed member of the Cube community, recently downsized his cube from 720 to 450. In doing so, the cluster around his cube split into two—those that followed his transition and those that stayed at a cube size of 720.

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