Cube Draft Formats

There’s more than one way to draft a Magic the Gathering: Cube. Whether you’re looking for a way to draft with a specific number of players, or just a new way to play, these options have you covered.

All of these formats are flexible to at least some degree. A baseline, and common variations, for each are described, but the numbers, or even broad strokes, are all flexible to suite your cube and your playgroup. This list is lightly curated and somewhat opinionated. If we’re missing something, please let us know!

Booster Draft
Traditional cube draft - players pass packs of cards around a circle.
4 - 12 players
Editors’ Choice
Grid Draft
The perfect draft format for two people. Players take rows and columns from small packs.
2 - 4 players
Editors’ Choice
Housman Draft
A partial information, 2-player draft that leads to powerful decks.
2 - 4 players
Editors’ Choice
Rotisserie Draft
Great for remote, asynchronous drafting - draft an entire cube face up, one pick at a time.
2 - 12 players
Editors’ Choice
Sealed Deck
No draft necessary - players build the best deck they can from a randomized pool.
any number of players
Editors’ Choice
Team Draft
Like your standard booster draft, but players split into two teams and win or lose as a group.
6 players
Editors’ Choice
Team Sealed
Players split into groups, each building multiple decks from a large pool.
6 players
Editors’ Choice
Burn Draft
A twist on booster draft for smaller groups, emulating more players by removing cards from the draft.
2 - 6 players
Desert Draft
Gluttons for punishment will love this harsh Booster Draft variant, where players can only play the lands they draft.
2 - 8+ players
Double Decker Draft
An intense, four-player draft format where players draft a double-size pool and then build two separate decks from it.
4 players
Quilt Draft
From large packs laid out in grids, players draft with spatial restrictions.
2 - 4 players
A face-up draft from Pro Tours past. Packs are drafted face up, one at a time.
4 - 8 players
Two or more players play many rounds of Fact or Fiction to build pools.
2 Players
Star Draft
A unique, multiplayer free-for-all format for exactly five players.
5 players
A luxurious solitaire way to build a deck from a large number of cards.
any number of players
Two-Headed Giant
A booster draft with two-player teams. Teams draft and play games as one.
4, 6, or 8 players
Wimbledon Draft
A rigorous, four-player draft format designed to faithfully emulate a full, 8-player pod. Players draft two separate decks at each seat, simultaneously.
4 players
A face up format combining features of Rochester and Winston drafts.
2 - 4 players
Winston Draft
A two player format where drafters weigh the advantage between better or more cards.
2 players

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