Applying the Fact or Fiction lifestyle to Cube draft for two players.

How to Play

A player divides an 8-card pack into two face-up piles of any size. The second player chooses one of the two piles to add to their pool and the player who divided the piles gets the remaining pile.

Players alternate who creates the piles and who chooses which to take. Draft a total of 10 packs, 80 cards total.


To introduce some hidden information, deal one or two face down cards into each pile first before a player chooses how to divide the rest. Players can look at the hidden cards in the piles they add to their pools. Hidden information adds some intrigue to the draft since players are making decisions about how to split and choose piles based on different information, adding another layer of strategy to observing the choices of opponents.

Advantages of Solomon Draft

Solomon Draft is a unique draft experience, asking players to make very different choices from a Booster Draft. Not only are players testing their card evaluation skills, but also trying to evaluate their opponents strategy, maximizing the chances to strengthen their deck more than their opponent’s.

As a public information draft, it can also be an opportunity to discuss cards and card evaluation, or just share trash talk, over a fun game.


Because picks can be from piles of different sizes, it’s possible for players to end up with different size pools, and extreme cases find themselves without enough playables. This isn’t a fatal flaw, but something to keep in mind for newer players.

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Fact or Fiction — Matt Cavotta