Star Draft

Star draft is a draft format inspired by Star Magic. It consists of a modified Booster Draft followed by a five player free-for-all with special win conditions.

How to Play

Five players do a Booster Draft with 5 packs of 9 cards and build a deck of at least 40 cards.


A Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest are shuffled and distributed to the five players at random. Players then sit in WUBRG order so their position matches the star that can be found on the Magic card back. The players engage in a five-player free-for-all in this arrangement, but instead of battling until only one player remains, each player’s win condition is only that the opposing two players are both eliminated, which means the game ends as soon as two adjacent players are killed. This means that you have one shared enemy with each player seated adjacent to you, but your two neighbors are enemies, creating an interesting political dynamic.

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Star Compass — Donato Giancola