Quilt Draft

A face-up draft perfect for intermediate players looking to talk trash.

How to Play

Lay out 64 cards face-up in an 8x8 grid, with each card rotated 90 degrees from its neighbors. This is the “quilt” (or a really big pack), from which players will alternate picks.

Here’s the catch — you can only pick a card if one of its short edges is exposed. For the first picks, only the exterior border will be available, but like a quilt unraveling, each pick will eat away at the border and unlock new cards eligible for picking.

Once each player has made their picks according to the table below, discard the remaining cards in the quilt and deal out a fresh one.

Picks per quilt
Number of quilts
16 each
11 each
8 each

Advantages of Quilt Draft

The public information, combined with the relatively small number of viable picks, makes a great conversation-starter. Intermediate players may appreciate the chance to debate between picks, and Cube designers may enjoy talking through their players’ thought processes.


Quilt Draft requires a big, clean table!

The public information can be a downside if any player is prone to backseat driving, hate-drafting, or critiquing another player’s decisions. Know your playgroup and choose accordingly.


Quit Draft was created by tomchaps and first published in this post.

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